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Multi-nozzle moulding

Multi-nozzle moulding head systems enhance the performance of the manufacturing processes.

Optimum geometry

Moulding variable cross-section profiles enables us to ensure the optimum geometry of gaskets.

Visual effects

Moulding gaskets with a textile coating enables us to provide perfect visual effects.

Multi-layer forming

Multi-layer vulcanisation systems, cold block systems, automated loading and unloading systems - all these factors optimise the processes and guarantee the highest quality.

Internal calibration

Double-zone calibration of sleeve products, including the internal calibration technology developed by Sanok Rubber Company S.A., enables us to ensure special product properties.

Automated production systems

Automated, multi-tasking calibration, washing, measuring and packing lines enable us to control product characteristics, consistency and quality through live production line optical control systems integrated with injection moulders guarantee compliance with most stringent quality standards.


Technological process

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Raw material and ready-made product testing

The Test and Inspection Laboratory is involved in testing raw materials included in rubber compounds and direct manufacturing materials (i.e. lacquers, tapes, cords, woven fabrics, etc.), rubber compounds and ready-made products (moulded and extruded). The laboratory also conducts identification tests.

Cutting-edge equipment and qualified personnel

All tests are conducted by qualified personnel using state-of-the-art equipment, in compliance with the clients’ standards. The laboratory operates in line with the requirements defined in the Integrated Management System certified for compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, as well as the ISO/TS 16949 technical specification.

Environmental protection

The Environmental Protection Laboratory examines sewage as well as surface and underground waters. The scope and frequency of the examinations are defined by an integrated permit, as well as our company’s permit required under the Water Law Act.

Continuous environmental impact control

The results of the environmental tests are compared with permissible values and then internal institutions are informed accordingly. Regular analysis enables us to assess the ecological circumstances, as well as any changes in pollutant content in water and sewage.

Health and safety

The laboratory also checks health damaging factors present in the workplace (illumination intensity measurements, micro-climate) and, in certain cases, factors which exert a harmful impact on our people (eg noise, dust, carbon dioxide and other harmful gases).

Microbiological monitoring

The Chemical and Microbiological Monitoring Laboratory conducts control examinations of rubber closures and pistons for the pharmaceutical industry. The examinations include physical, chemical and microbiological properties, in line with the standards applicable in this industry.


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