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Privacy Policy of the website

The current policy is meant to help you understand how we use your personal data, how we collect and store that data. We collect your personal data transmitted during the use of the website with utmost care and in accordance with the applicable law, that is the Act on Personal Data Protection of 10th May 2018 and Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council of  27th April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on free movement of persons and the repeal of Directive 95/46/EC (GDPR). We respect the rights of privacy and guarantee to all website users that data will be properly protected against the access of third parties.

Data controller

The data controller of your personal data is Sanok Rubber Company S.A. ul. Przemyska 24; 38-500 Sanok; tel: +48 13 46 54 444; REGON: 004023400, e-mail:

Data protection officer

You may contact our data protection officer  directly at  Sanok Rubber Company S.A. ul. Przemyska 24; 38-500 Sanok or by e-mail:

Types of personal data

-Personal data from contracts (such as name, telephone number, email),
-Personal data of applicants,
-Data collected by cookies, so called system logs.

Legal basis

The legal basis for the processing of personal data is the consent for the processing of data (article 6 (1)A EU GDPR). The giving of your personal data is voluntary, however it remains an essential condition for those who wish to apply for a job at Sanok Rubber Company S.A or if you wish to receive answers to your questions.

Purpose and duration of data processing

  • Personal data given in the contact form is collected with the aim to respond to inquiries within the investor relations area and it will be stored no longer than 1 year or until the  withdrawal of consent,
  • Personal data of job applicants is collected in order to check/match the skills/experience with the required  profile of a candidate. We store this data until completion of the recruitment process, and for a period of three years in case of candidate’s agreement to participate in future recruitment,
  • Data which is collected by cookies will be processed to customize the website and improve the services offered via the website. We will store this data until you raise an objection or until you will benefit from the services provided by the website

Detailed information about the range, purpose, legal basis or duration of personal data processing are presented each time we collect them i.e. in the on-line form.

Recipients of the personal data

Personal data of job applicants may be disclosed to selected third parties acting upon the order of the data protection officer, that is job agencies, under the specific legislation applicable thereto on the basis of personal data processing agreement.

Rights with regard to the processing of personal data

You have the full right to access the data, to amend it or to restrict the scope of processing as well as the right to object the processing or transferring of your personal  data and to withdraw the agreement. For any of the following requests please contact our data protection officer. Consent withdrawal will not influence the lawfulness of the processing of personal data undertaken before the withdrawal. You are entitled to complain to the Deputy Inspector General for Personal Data Protection.

Data security 

The data controller processes the data for the specified lawful purposes and does not allow further processing in a way incompatible with those purposes. The data is collected only in an adequate and necessary scope for the purpose for which it is processed.

The data controller strives to protect against unauthorized access of third parties applying high quality technical and organisational security measures. The data controller does not disclose the data to any unauthorized persons in accordance with the mandatory provisions of the law.


Cookies are small files, especially text files, that are placed on your computer or mobile device by a website you visit. From this we can, for example, recognize the connection with your device to help us remember information about your visit, making the site relevant to you the next time you visit. Cookies usually contain the name of the website from which they come from, the "lifetime" of the cookie name as well as their unique number. Cookies are used in order to customize and optimize the websites  to users’ needs and to ensure the safety and reliability of the website. Normally the software used for website browsing allows it to place cookies by default on your computer or mobile device. It is possible to change your software settings if you wish to block the cookies or to be notified of each individual case in which they are downloaded. You can delete cookies at any time by making the appropriate settings on your device. For more information on how to do this please refer to section “cookies” in the browser settings. Please be aware that blocking or restricting cookies may negatively impact the functionality of the website.
The cookie type can be categorized as follows by

Third-party Cookie / 1P_JAR 1 month
Third-party Cookie /  APISID 2 years 
Third-party Cookie /  APISID 2 years
Third-party Cookie /  CONSENT 20 years i 1 months 
Third-party Cookie /  CONSENT 20 years i 1 months 
Third-party Cookie CONSENT 20 years
Third-party Cookie  DSID do 10 days 
Third-party Cookie /  HSID  2 years
Third-party Cookie /  HSID 2 years
Third-party Cookie  IDE 1 year 
Third-party Cookie / LOGIN_INFO 2 years
Third-party Cookie NID 1 year
Third-party Cookie /  NID 1 year
Third-party Cookie /  OGPC 2 months 
Third-party Cookie /  PREF 8 months 
Third-party Cookie /  SAPSID  2 years
Third-party Cookie /  SAPSID 2 years
Third-party Cookie / SID 2 years
Third-party Cookie /  SID 2 years
Third-party Cookie /  SIDCC 8 months
Third-party Cookie /  SSID 2 years
Third-party Cookie /  SSID 2 years
Third-party Cookie /  VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE 8 months
Third-party Cookie /  YSC do końca trwania sesji
Third-party Cookie _ga 2 years
Third-party Cookie / _ga 2 years
Third-party Cookie IDE 1 year i 1 month
Session cookie   XSRF-TOKEN session
Session cookie   _gat session
Session cookie  _gid  session
Session cookie user_session  session

Third-party Cookies
Cookie files are used by Google to provide personalised  advertising (e.g. in Google browser). They may be also used to display advertising apart from Google („IDE” file or „DSID” which are saved in the browser on Cookies enable a link between  users action on different  devices if they have previously  signed into their Google account on one of these devices.  This enables us to coordinate the advertising on different devices. Cookie files  can also be placed  by posting a movie from, they will register statistical data regarding for example the number of video views. They do not store any of the user’s personal data unless the user is logged into Youtube. In such a case, cookies may for example register the number of  clicking the “Like” button.

Session Cookies
Stored in the users device temporarily and not retained after the browser is closed. Stored cookies are erased when the user closes the Web browser. They are used to develop the webpage by gathering the information on number of pages visited, the browsers used or the time spent on viewing the pages.


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