We work for the best and employ the best

nasze_wartosci Our values

What guides us in our operations?


Always the most modern and effective solutions. We continue to develop and implement new solutions, which has made us the leading provider for the automotive, pharmaceutical and construction industries. Our most important goal is to provide our clients with reliable, world-class products.

Environmental protection

Product reliability and durability is not all. We are equally involved in the responsible management of natural resources and we implement solutions which limit the generation of industrial waste and energy consumption. We do this so that future generations may enjoy our products as live and work in a clean environment.


It is important for us to forge good relationships with our suppliers and recipients, which we nurture and strive to fully understand our partners in order to effectively react to the changing needs and rapidly evolving markets. We are driven by passion.

spolki_zalezne SANOK RUBBER COMPANY S.A. / Subsidiaries

Stomil Sanok - Dystrybucja Sp. z o.o.

ul. Gnieźnieńska 99
62-006 Kobylnica
Bogucin k. Poznania, Poland

Stomil EAST Sp. z o.o.

ul. Reymonta 19
38-500 Sanok, Poland

Stomet Sp. z o.o.

ul. Reymonta 19a
38-500 Sanok, Poland

Przedsiębiorstwo Sanatoryjno-Turystyczne "Stomil" Sp. z o.o.

ul. Świerkowa 1
38-481 Rymanów Zdrój, Poland

Stomil Sanok BR Sp. z o.o.

ul. Moskiewska 202
Brześć 224020, Belarus

Stomil Sanok Ukraina Sp. z o.o.

ul. Kniazia Władimira 75, biuro 37
33028 Równe, Ukraine

Stomil Sanok Rus Sp. z o.o.

ul. Amurskaja 2, biuro 27
107553 Moscow, Russia

Stomil Wiatka S.A.

ul. Karola Marksa 4
610020 Kirow, Russia

Draftex Automotive GmbH

Bahnstrasse 29
47929 Grefrath, Germany

Colmant Cuvelier RPS S.A.S.

Zone Industrielle
54920 Villers La Montagne, France

Sanok (Qingdao) Auto Parts Co. Ltd.

Taichang Road, Erlihe Village,
Zhongyun Development Zone 
266300 Jiaozhou, China

Qingdao Masters of Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd.

Taichung Road,
Zhongyun Development Zone
Jiaozhou, 266300 Qingdao, China

sanok_ikona_historia_firmy Our history

  • Dr Oskar Schmidt establishes a rubber product factory related to manufacturing bicycle inner tubes, bicycle saddle pads, transport belts, fire-fighting hoses and balloon canvas.
  • August Piccard, a famous stratosphere researcher, visits Sanok, raising interest in ballooning and establishing the “Guma” Ballooning Club.
  • Vital factory equipment destroyed during a failed evacuation attempt.
  • The state takes over the company’s assets and begins its reactivation.
  • Construction of a new plant on the right bank of the San River (Olchowce district).
  • Commissioning of production lines for V-belts (Gates Rubber licence) and moulded products.
  • The company successfully undergoes a restructuring programme.
  • The state-owned company is transformed into a company wholly owned by the State Treasury.
  • Development of investment projects in the East - establishing subsidiaries to deal with manufacturing and distributing products to the Russian market.
  • The Ministry of Privatisation sells STOMIL SANOK S.A. shares to funds managed by Enterprise Investors.
  • STOMIL SANOK S.A. is floated on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
  • The company’s shares are bought out by Enterprise Investors.
  • The company takes over Rubber & Plastic Systems S.A.S. in France and starts manufacturing car body gaskets made of plastic and rubber compounds.
  • Draftex Automotive GmbH in Germany enters the STOMIL SANOK S.A. Capital Group; the company manufactures and sells premium-class car body gaskets on the German market.
  • STOMIL SANOK S.A. changes its name to Sanok Rubber Company S.A. and defines a new strategic development direction.

certyfikaty Certificates

At Sanok Rubber Company S.A. we care about quality control, environmental management and OHS.
Have a look at our certificates.

  • Certificate 1
  • Certificate 2
  • Certificate 3
  • Certificate 4
  • Certificate 5

odpowiedzialnosc_spoleczna Social responsibility

We are a socially responsible company.

We build our values through active participation in the lives of the local communities.

In our opinion, social responsibility not only involves meeting certain formal and legal requirements, it also includes a conscious mission to work for the benefit of the surroundings in which our company operates.

We get involved in the cultural and social lives of various regions by supporting local projects, foundations, public benefit organizations, especially as regards cultural life, health protection, assistance for the disabled and the impoverished and support for sports initiatives.

  • Among others, we provide support for:
  • Organisation of the Adam Didur Festival in Sanok
  • International Piano Forum
    "Bieszczady without boundaries"
  • International Guitar Meetings
  • International Accordion Meetings
  • St. Brother Albert`s Aid Society
  • Sanok Hospital

jakosc_srodowisko Quality and Environment

"Quality is confirmed when the client and not the product returns"

The overriding objective of SANOK RC S.A. is to meet the clients’ requirements and expectations by providing a high-quality service and employing cutting-edge material and acquiring technical solutions. This objective is achieved by manufacturing top quality products, ensuring process-related management for our organisation, as well as continuously developing and improving our company.

Quality policy

The quality policy of SANOK RC S.A. comprises delivering products which meet our clients’ requirements and expectations, yet remaining price conscious in a highly competitive environment.

Our quality policy defines the following goals:

  • gain and maintain a quality-related leading market position;
  • integrate our people while implementing the policy through training courses, incentive schemes and team-based problem solving;
  • decrease unit costs while maintaining exceptional levels of product and service quality;
  • systematically strive to ensure and maintain a zero reject level in our deliverables;
  • constantly improve processes.

Sanok Rubber Company is commited to environmental protection

In order to protect the environment, we take specific steps which contribute to sustainable development. Typical examples of our eco-friendly activities include systematic improvement of processes in order to reduce pollution, as well as limit the use of process utilities, energy and raw materials.

Environmental policy

The main criteria of SANOK RC S.A. operations include trust and satisfaction expressed by our clients, society, our people and our owners. In order to maintain and enhance your trust and satisfaction, our company commits itself to:

  • providing environmentally-friendly products and services at optimum costs;
  • continuously improve our Environmental Management System to comply with all applicable environmental protection regulations;
  • constantly reduce the company’s detrimental environmental impact below the levels defined by applicable standards and limits;
  • prevent environmental pollution.