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Sanok Rubber Company S.A. is the European leader in the field of rubber products, rubber-to-metal articles, combination of rubber with other materials. Rubber compounds producer with a wide range of products portfolio for the automotive, construction, agriculture, pharmacy and household appliances.

For over 80 years we have provided our clients with the highest-quality products, which comply with all the latest technological standards. We care about the environment and support local communities. We merge tradition with modern thinking every day.

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Reacting to our clients’ needs and implementing cutting-edge solutions is a daily norm for us.

Modern economies never stand still. There are constant changes which involve technologies, management methods, the needs of the clients and the capabilities of the providers. New products appear virtually overnight. In such an environment, you need a tried-and-tested partner who keeps up with all trends and can guide you in the optimal direction.

At Sanok Rubber Company S.A., we believe that such factors as high quality goods, state-of-the-art technological solutions and respect for the environment are inseparable. For our clients, we select cutting-edge raw materials and the most effective manufacturing processes.

At our company “the highest quality at the lowest prices” is a fact rather than a mere slogan.